$50 Brazilian comes with free underarm wax


  • Acne Treatment Scarborough

    • Brazilian

    $50 Brazilian wax with Free underarm wax
    $40 Brazilian wax (Returning clients only)
    Must book 4-6 weeks from last appointment

  • Microdermabrasion Scarborough

    • Underarm

    $20 – 10min

    Wax your underarms and start to see results after your first session. Less ingrow hair, coarse hair, and razor bumps.

  • Waxing Toronto

    • Lip and Chin

    $12 – 10min

    Wax your upper lip and chin or you can choose either-or.

  • Waxing Ontario

    • Full Face (No Brows)

    $20 – 15min

    Say goodbye to unwanted facial hair. This included side burns, upper lip, chin, forehead, and any hair on cheeks.

  • Waxing Scarborough

    • Eyebrows/Tint

    $30 – 35min

    Do you want temporary tinted brows? No need for eyebrow makeup, wake up with full brows and can last 1-3 weeks. You can choose how dark you would like your brows.

  • Acne Treatment Scarborough

    • Eyebrows

    $15– 20min

    Get a stunning brow shape or clean them up.

Waxing Scarborough

Brazilian with Vajacial

$90 – 50 mins

Have a clean area in less than 30 minutes. Thinner hair, fewer razor burns/bumps, and less/ little ingrow hair. A vajacial treats ingrown hairs, removes dead skin cells, smooths bumps around the bikini line, helps hyperpigmentation, maintains healthy, smooth, and hydrated skin in the vaginal area. High frequency is used and a customized jelly mask is added. (Women only)

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